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The holiday swim briefs Kit of 3 swim briefs allows you to create your kit as you wish : whether 3 different, 3 of the same – it is all up to you. 


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Holiday Swim Briefs Kit Holiday Swim Briefs Kit
Holiday Swim Briefs Kit
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Men's Swimwear Packs

Looking for the perfect swimsuits to wear? Dive into our Ron Dorff collection of men's swimwear, offering swimsuits catering to every style and your every need. Choose from Swim Briefs, Swim Trunks, Swim Shorts and Board Shorts. Our swimwear collection is designed to make you feel confident whether you're hitting the beach or lounging by the pool in wherever you are around the world and anytime of the year. With an impeccable fit and a wide variety of styles to choose from, finding the right swimsuit is easy. Explore our diverse range of colors and prints. With our swimwear, you'll be ready to make a splash and embrace the sea or pool with confidence. Shop now and enjoy the ultimate swimwear experience.

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Ron Dorff's luxury swimwear for men has become a staple in every man's wardrobe, combining Swedish design and functionality with French style. Our collection caters to diverse preferences, featuring Swim Briefs, Swim Trunks, Swim Shorts and Board Shorts. Each piece is meticulously designed to offer a great fit and enhance confidence, whether you're relaxing by the pool or surfing the waves at a remote beach. One of the advantages of our men's swimwear category is its versatility. With a wide range of styles, shapes, colors, and sizes available, choosing the perfect swimsuit is effortless. Moreover, our commitment to quality ensures that each garment is crafted with durable materials and attention to detail, guaranteeing long-lasting comfort and performance. Produced using ethical practices, our swimsuits combine fashion with sustainability, making it an ideal choice for environmentally-conscious consumers. Shop high-quality swimwear has never been easier. Dive in now and find the perfect swimwear for your next aquatic adventures. You can also shop our men’s Swim Briefs individually, discover or offer our Swim Shorts for men or explore our full collection of Men's Swimwear.

What is the difference between swim briefs and Swim Trunks ?

The main difference between these two swimsuits types and styles lies in their design, shape and coverage. Swim Briefs, also known as speedos or racing briefs, are tight-fitting swimwear with a high-cut leg and minimal coverage. They typically feature a low-rise waist and offer little fabric beyond what is necessary to cover the groin area. Swim Briefs are favored by competitive swimmers for their streamlined design, which reduces drag in the water. They provide excellent freedom of movement but may not offer as much modesty or coverage as swim trunks. Ron Dorff's Swim Briefs collection draws inspiration from iconic styles of the 1980s, blending functionality with retro flair. Originating from the cult Brazilian water polo briefs of the early 80s, these garments pay homage to their athletic roots while embodying a timeless appeal. Additionally, the designs take cues from models worn on the glamorous French Riviera during the same era. On the other hand, Swim Trunks are looser-fitting swimwear with a longer leg and more coverage. They often resemble shorts and come in various lengths, from mid-thigh to just above the knee. Swim Trunks typically feature an elastic waistband and may include a drawstring for an adjustable fit. They are popular for recreational swimming, beach wear, and lounging by the pool. Swim Trunks offer more modesty and versatility compared to Swim Briefs, making them a preferred choice for many swimmers. Crafted from premium Italian-made polyamide, these swim shorts boast an extra-thick construction for durability and longevity. Despite their robustness, the material ensures quick drying, maintaining comfort and functionality swim after swim. The inclusion of a breathable micro-mesh lining enhances ventilation, making them ideal for frequent pool use. The elastic waistband, coupled with an interior drawstring, guarantees a secure and adjustable fit for wearers of all sizes. Moreover, the double black-lacquered RD signature eyelets add a touch of sophistication and brand identity to the designs. Targeted towards individuals who appreciate both style and performance, Ron Dorff's swimwear collection caters to those seeking versatile swim attire that seamlessly transitions from poolside lounging to active water sports. With their fusion of heritage-inspired aesthetics and modern functionality, these garments stand out in a crowded market, offering a distinctive blend of quality, style, and practicality. The choice between Swim Briefs, Swim Trunks, Swim Shorts and Board Shorts category ultimately comes down to personal preference and the intended use of the swim bottoms.

How do I know my swimsuit size men?

Finding the right one for your swimsuit is crucial for comfort and confidence. When it comes to sizing for swimsuits, it's important to consider factors such as the fit and shape you prefer. You can measure around the narrowest part of the waist and around the fullest part of the hips and refer to our guide here. Additionally, it's always a good idea to check the customer product reviews or reach out to customer support for assistance and sizing advice. Tips to find the perfect product: if you're unsure, you can order multiple sizes to try on and keep the one that fits you best. You can refer to our shipping and returns policy. Remember, a well-fitting Swim Briefs, Swim Trunks, Swim Shorts and Board Shorts that suits you will not only look great but also ensure you feel comfortable and secure while you enjoy your time in the water.

What Swim Briefs size should I get ?

To find the perfect product, you'll need to measure your waist and hips to find the corresponding size. To determine the best fit, it's recommended to check the chart provided here. If you have any questions regarding product shape and fit, please feel free to contact our customer support or to shop in store.

Do you size down for swimsuit ?

No, we don't. If you prefer a close/tapered fit, you should go for your usual one. This means that if you typically wear a medium and prefer a snugger fit, you should stick with a medium. However, if you prefer a looser fit, we suggest going up a size. So if you typically wear a medium but prefer a bit more room, you might want to consider getting a large. Ultimately, the decision to size up or down for your swimsuit depends on your personal preference for fit and comfort. 

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